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KLC’s Free Zone status makes us uniquely suited to handle your transshipments. Our customers reap the immediate benefit of cost reductions, as shipments which do not terminate in Jamaica attract no customs duties or taxes. This makes KLC the perfect partner if you need to: Consolidate cargo from many different locations to be shipped to one location. Deconsolidate cargo from one location to be shipped to many different locations. Rehandle cargo – cargo storage while changing shipping lines, changing destination. We are equipped to handle all your stripping, storing, stuffing and documentation needs throughout these processes. We also offer value-added services of labeling, packaging, palletizing and shrink-wrapping where required. While Jamaica is a central shipping hub for the United States, United Kingdom, Caribbean and Far East, we are by no means limited to only these locations. We will ship your cargo wherever you need it to go.


KLC's services allow you to bring the goods you need into Jamaica efficiently and without the headache of managing the process yourself. KLC can be used as your point of entry to Jamaica. We will handle the documentation and we offer efficient customs inspection and clearing, with customs agents stationed on property ready to handle your goods. We will strip your container for examination, and once it is cleared, stuff it so that it is ready for pickup. If you are importing or planning to import talk to us today.


If you are seeking to export goods from Jamaica, KLC can facilitate you, even if your shipment is less than one container load. If necessary, we will consolidate your goods to fill a container and handle all the documentation for a full container load, including the separate bills of laden. There is no shipment size too large, or too small for us to process for you. Jamaica is deemed as a transshipment hub to the United States, Europe, the rest of the Caribbean and the Far East. We will ship your cargo anywhere – leave the logistics to us.


Bonded Warehousing

KLC's bonded warehousing empowers you to manage your expenses and inventory. We can store your cargo and containers and handle your full container load (FCL) and less container load (LCL) shipments. You can benefit from the flexibility of being able to buy and ship in bulk, store your goods with us at low costs and clear what you need when you need it. You can make optimal use of your working capital and enjoy cash flow advantages, because you only need to pay custom duties on the good you clear. With customs officers stationed on property, you can store your goods as long as you need, and have access to them at a moment’s notice.


KLC can consolidate shipments from all of your varying points of origin. We can also repack and label them if your needs necessitate that. If Jamaica is the final destination, customs agents are standing by to clear your goods. If not, our transshipment services are ready to cater to the rest of your shipping needs.


If your business needs require that a shipment from one supplier be deconsolidated and shipped to several destinations, KLC can handle that for you. We can manage the whole process and all the necessary documentation, and our services include repacking and relabeling. And because of the free zone advantage, you can deconsolidate and transship without paying customs duties in Jamaica.

Value-Added Services

Inventory Management

KLC can provide you with the support you need to improve inventory management, by providing you with accurate information about the location and movement of your goods. This allows you to minimize shortages and excesses and take advantage of just-in-time/lean inventory.

Customs Brokerage

If you need customs brokerage services talk to us. We partner with dependable and experienced specialists in custom regulations who can work with you in your import and export activities.